911 marketing communications

Marketing and Communications

Brand Development 

Our Creative Media Services team has the expertise to develop and enhance a brand. As a part of the branding process, we regularly evaluate and develop clients’ visual identities, ensuring they send a consistent message. We understand that a brand is more than a logo, and we use that knowledge to create a consistent brand that supports our clients’ values across all documents and publications.

Market Research and Analysis

As associations work to be more valuable to members, data-driven decision making has become incredibly important. We have considerable experience conducting research and collecting data to better understand the dynamics of your membership. This research also assists client partners in their development and implementation of marketing programs. We have a number of tools at our disposal to track and measure members’ needs and engagement, and extensive experience auditing a variety of potential audiences to gauge interest, awareness, and feedback.

Marketing Strategy Development

We take great pride in creating an effective marketing strategy for our client partners to achieve membership and revenue goals. Our experienced client marketing managers develop and implement overarching strategies that ensure membership recruitment and retention success. We aim to increase product and event revenue using a variety of print and electronic channels that elicit action by potential customers.

Print and Digital Publishing

Our team of editors, writers, and graphic designers will work closely with you to create print and online media that align with your specific marketing goals. Creating content for all types of print media is a part of our day-to-day activities. Because we produce hundreds of projects each year, we are able to strategically choose vendors who will provide you with the best available pricing and high-quality service.

In collaboration with Web, marketing, and IT staff, our creative media services team develops a wide range of digital and print products that support clients’ brands and enhance their industry presence while offering convenience to members. With our dedicated client teams and inhouse creative media services and information technology teams, 911 can do anything from fully managing your public relations program to creating print and digital products to accomplish your goals.

Public Relations

We offer a number of different scaled options for our clients to maximize their budgets and results. Our staff members are skilled in messaging and strategy, developing relationships with reporters, pitching and securing placements, and evaluating the results of their efforts. 

Website Design

Creating a website with an engaging digital experience is a must. We regularly update and redesign our partners’ websites to create a consistent experience for visitors coming from any type of device. Our in-house user experience designer recommends the best site architecture based on interviews and research, and our user interface designer makes client partners’ desires become reality through using industry best practices.