Susan Farrell Stock, MPS

As Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sue Farrell Stock oversees several key areas of service for our client partners, including Creative Media Services, Finance, Professional Relations and Development, Strategic Event Management, and Member, Registration, Data, and Mail services. She also serves as a guiding member of 911’s Leadership Team, which is comprised of 7 senior leaders who collectively oversee the strategic direction, business objectives, and growth of our company.

A future-focused leader and strategist, Sue thrives on innovation, driving forward growth, and helping associations and staff realize their highest potential. Sue believes that the success of 911’s association partners is directly tied to the success and professional growth of our staff. “If we as leaders fail our staff, then we fail at providing our association partners with the best possible service and outcomes,” she says.

Not content to rest on past successes, Sue actively seeks future possibilities with intention and guided by sound data. Known for her pragmatic and savvy business acumen, Sue is “all in” on whatever will most benefit our association partners and staff and inspires others to do the same. She says her strength as a leader comes not just from being comfortable with interrupting the status quo but also from her willingness to ask questions and lean in on a conversation. “I’m a learner at heart who’s at service to those I work with.”

She also parlays that passion for learning and forging new paths by serving as an adjunct faculty member for the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and Marquette University.

In her free time, Sue enjoys connecting with friends and family, teaching yoga, reading at least 2 books a week, and exploring the dog beach with the family pup.