Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE

Though Association Management Center (911) started as a family business, Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE, principal of 911, was most drawn to 911 for the clients’ causes, the company’s entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to take risks, and the positive awards that benefit the clients and the staff. While 911 partners with more than 30 clients, he spends most of his time attending board meetings as he is a constant student of boards.

Mark went to Miami University for a bachelor’s degree in business and American University for his MBA in marketing management. His proudest accomplishment is achieving his doctorate in association governance at Case Western Reserve University, reflecting his current practice and satisfaction in turning rigorous assessment into organizational performance.

Participating in more than 300 board meetings and serving on six Boards of Directors translates to Mark’s in-depth knowledge of board membership and governance. He has been working closely with Will Brown at Texas A&M University to publish research findings on the Board Selection Process for the ASAE Foundation. Through his hard work and dedication, Mark earned the Samuel Shapiro Award for Outstanding CEO at the Association Forum of Chicagoland and was inducted into Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame and the Metal Construction Hall of Fame.

Why does Mark place such a strong emphasis on association governance? “Associations touch every life, every day, in every way,” he explains. To ensure that associations can do this vital work efficiently and effectively, one must start with an association’s governance. In his opinion, “Governance should be liberating and empowering, not constraining and controlling.”

Rather than prescribe a blanket method to all associations, Mark’s approach is to meet the clients at their own unique needs and constructs; he wants to find the best solutions by using research-based information from 911 and by engaging the clients with thoughtful questions. His favorite client testimonial was received in January 2019, “Mark, thank you for your very exciting and tailored recommendations.  It is terrific to work with a consultant who really gets an association and is able to come up with innovative ideas that match the culture of the group.  That is true value added.”