Five Reasons to Choose a Career in Association Management

Five Reasons to Choose a Career in Association Management

By Karen Kramer, Executive Director of Human Resources

If you’re like most people, you likely didn’t learn about the association industry in undergrad. In fact, you may not know much about it today. But the truth is there’s a whole world of rewarding work in the nonprofit space, focused on helping organizations work toward the greater good.

Filled with experiences and opportunities, the association world impacts each of us daily. Associations are behind the scenes writing policy, setting standards and best practices, educating professionals in healthcare and trade-based roles, and funding the research that changes lives. The employees working for these organizations not only make a difference, but benefit greatly from this unique employment opportunity. Here’s why:

  1. It’s about something bigger. At the heart of every association is its mission and vision, the essence of why it does what it does. Being part of something bigger than one’s self simply feels good and serves as great motivation to make an impact through your work. Simply put, the association management industry offers employment with purpose.

  2. association employeesIt’s teamwork at its best. In the association world, staff and volunteer leader teams come together to share their expertise and achieve common goals. In this unique environment, team members—especially those new to the workforce, like millennials—gain experience in navigating everything from task-level responsibilities to, at times, presentations to boards of directors.

  3. It encourages creativity. Often challenged with smaller-than-typical budgets, associations must be creative and innovative in the ways they choose to share their missions. This experience means team members hone their abilities to use resources efficiently and effectively.

  4. It builds your collaborative skillset. The association industry provides an environment that cultivates good listening skills, great communication, sensitivity to group dynamics, and talent for driving consensus and inspiration. These are skills that make for more impactful team members, regardless of employer or position. Constantly collaborating with both staff and volunteers builds the interpersonal skills that are necessary to your success, irrespective of industry. The collaborative environment enables the continual creation and nurturing of relationships with colleagues, helping you grow your network of peers throughout your career.

  5. It’s a great place to learn. The nature of association management allows you to work closely with professionals in all lines of business, be it in your specific field (e.g., marketing, operations, or finance), your association’s field, or the industry as a whole. This nurturing environment gives you the opportunity to learn about everything from membership to meeting planning, budgeting, and governance. 

At Association Management Center, we’re always looking for engaged, talented folks to join our team. Take a look at our open positions today!

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