Ethics and DEI: Trends in the Association Space

Ethics and DEI: Trends in the Association Space

By Dave Bergeson and Debbie Trueblood

For associations to thrive, they need to demonstrate ethical leadership within their respective industries. But, what does it mean to be an ethical leader in 2023?

As social justice and equality issues continue to emerge, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) plays an even bigger role in ethical leadership. For an organization to be a leader in the association space and beyond, DEI needs to be a strategic focus of its board.

In this vlog, Vice President of Client Success Dave Bergeson and Senior Consultant Debbie Trueblood discuss the relationship between ethics and DEI and what association boards should and shouldn’t do when it comes to DEI, including answering these questions:

  • How is DEI part of ethics?
  • What are association boards doing in support of DEI?
  • What challenges do boards face when it comes to DEI?
  • What shouldn’t boards do when it comes to DEI?


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