Debbie Trueblood to Lead Session at CEO Issues Forum

Debbie Trueblood to Lead Session at CEO Issues Forum

By 911

On May 3, Senior Consultant Debbie Trueblood will lead the session, “The CEO’s Role in the Contemporary Landscape of Association Leadership,” at the ASAE CEO Issues Forum.

The association CEO’s role has become increasingly complex in today’s ever-changing political, economic, business, and social landscape. What are the critical issues facing them today and how should they navigate their organizations forward?

Using the World Café model to address trends and critical issues for association CEOs around people, culture, financial performance, innovation, and excellence,  Debbie will lead attendees in identifying new ideas for solutions sourced from their peers. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn and share with each other on important topics including

  • Financial uncertainty in the external environment and what it means for associations
  • Chat GPT and what it means for privacy, staffing, members, etc.
  • Leader fatigue, CEO burnout, and anxiety in the board room
  • Association workforce issues from staffing shortages and turnover, to rebuilding culture
  • Succession planning for staff roles, continuity planning, and crisis planning
  • The opportunity for associations to change the world through social impact, ESG, and DEI.

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About Debbie Trueblood
Debbie Trueblood, MSW IOM CAE FASAE, has more than 20 years of leadership experience within the association management space, serving as an executive director for multiple healthcare and professional associations and holding various volunteer leadership positions, including chair of Association Forum’s Welcoming Environment Committee, member of the ASAE Executive Management Council, and past chair of the ASAE Ethics Committee, a role in which she led the team to publish a national ethics toolkit for associations.

As a senior consultant at 911, Debbie has parlayed the vast knowledge she’s acquired throughout her career to being a trusted strategic partner to associations looking to bring DEI into focus or traversing ethical, economic, or governance-related challenges.

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