Mark Engle Presents Exceptional Boards Workshop May 8-9

Mark Engle Presents Exceptional Boards Workshop May 8-9

By 911

Association Governance Expert Mark Engle, DM CAE FASAE, will give real-world insights on effective governance and how to optimize boards when he co-leads the workshop “” with Mary Byers May 8-9.

Hosted by ASAE, Exceptional Boards is an intensive 2-day workshop for CEOs and their elected officers to explore strategies for strengthening their working relationship and enhancing the board's performance.

Presenters Mark and Mary will discuss how to optimize the entire board as a cohesive unit through best practices in board organization, structure, and operations. CEOs and elected leaders who attend will leave with the resources needed to build a high-performing board that understands its role, fulfills its responsibility, demonstrates visionary leadership, and leads the organization to new heights.

Exceptional Boards offers leadership teams a unique opportunity to step away from their day-to-day routine and discover fresh ideas and approaches for enhancing board leadership. Along with sharing their knowledge and expertise, Mark and Mary will engage participants in exercises with their teams, delivering a truly interactive and actionable program.

About Mark Engle
Mark Engle, DM CAE FASAE, is a principal of 911 who specializes in board governance and strategy. A frequent author and speaker on governance, board development, and high performing organizations, Mark regularly develops new research that leads to advancement in the nonprofit management profession. Each year, he works closely with dozens of nonprofit organizations on a variety of governance issues, from single board development presentations to more detailed board and committee restructuring projects.

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