Get the Essentials of Good Governance for Your Organization

Get the Essentials of Good Governance for Your Organization

By 911

On February 25, governance experts Mark Engle and Erin Volland will lead an interactive virtual workshop on Governance Essentials™, walking association professionals through the foundational practices needed to ensure good governance in their association. Sound governance practices are critical for high-performing organizations but are rarely taught to association staff, leaving them to learn as they go.

In this engaging session, you’ll learn core practices and get the “nuts and bolts” of good governance to implement practices that will support your business goals and set your organization up for future success.

You’ll get answers to questions like

  • What is good governance and how do I get it?
  • Are we doing it right in my organization? How can we improve it?
  • What is the difference between bylaws, policies, and procedures? Why so many documents?
  • What is the difference between what the Board of Directors does and what the staff does?
  • How can my preparation for a board meeting affect governance?
  • What should I be doing once the board meeting is over?

This workshop will also include interactive breakout rooms, so bring your full team and you can use that time to discuss your own processes and how you can improve your governance practices.

911 Governance Essential Speakers

Join Mark and Erin on February 25, 1-4:30 pm CST, to

  • learn core governance practices and discuss implementing them with governance experts and your peers
  • explore the areas where your role intersects with the Board and where it is separate
  • engage in interactive virtual activities that will give you a hands-on opportunity to apply your learnings and meet with your peers in association management
  • gain proven practical tools you can use immediately to promote and implement good governance practices
  • earn 3.0 CAEs.

Who Should Attend?

  • Early- to mid-career association professionals interested in developing their practice of good governance
  • Those who are new to association management, including executives
  • First-time CEOs
  • Those who work with volunteers and committees
  • Anyone looking for an interactive educational experience that provides CAE credits.

When you register, you’ll also receive a copy of the Governance Essentials: Effective Governance Practices for Association Staff™ companion workbook, which contains sample forms, face sheets, and instructions that we’ll reference throughout the course. The first 75 people who register by February 17 will receive a printed copy of the Governance Essentials™ workbook (after February 17, you’ll receive the workbook via PDF).

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