Introducing Season 2 of Conversations by Association

Introducing Season 2 of Conversations by Association

By 911

We are pleased to announce season 2 of the “” podcast, created in partnership with , a coaching, consulting, and education partner for associations. “Conversations by Association” offers guidance and best practices from successful association and nonprofit professionals about career pathways, career advancement, mentoring, and leadership tracks.

Season 2 begins with a timely interview with Amelia Franck Meyer on how the recent pandemic has dramatically changed how we live, work, prioritize, and connect with others. While season 1 focused on advice from CEOs and mid-careerists, season 2 includes a broader variety of speakers, including early careerists, new association professionals, and even a sleep coach. Notable guests for season 2 include Amelia Franck Meyer, Lakisha Woods, Mary Byers, Irving Washington, Donté Shannon,  William Martin, Dave Bergeson, Emily Muse, Martha Twaddle, Carol Pape, Laura Harris, Cory Hall, Chris Ocampo, Sheri Jacobs, Greg Fine, Jacqualine Price Osafo, Amy Sherwood, Melissa Walling, Nancy Gargula, Catherine Johannesen, Arlene Pietranton, Debra BenAvram, and Kathleen O’Loughlin.  

Steve Smith and Christina Rowe, CEO and founder of The Collaborative, continue in their roles as cohosts. Steve says, “As association professionals continue to face an ever-changing landscape, being nimble and finding ways to thrive during uncertain times is critical. Season 2 offers insights into how to advance your career, stay connected, and navigate the one constant—change—in the association world.”

Christina says, “I enjoyed talking with all of our guest speakers and am amazed by the many insights and best practices they provided and the depth of expertise and passion they have for the work they do. We have new guests who feature fascinating perspectives and careers. There’s something in this podcast for everyone.”

Fans of the podcast can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to provide feedback or suggest a guest on the show.

More episodes with insider tips from leaders in the field will be released every Thursday until August 13. To listen to the podcast, visit

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